Lanot, Marra Pl.


Marra Pl. Lanot obtained her A.B. in English from the University of the Philippines in 1965. She is a founding member of the Women Writers in Media Now (WOMEN), and has worked at the Women’s Desk of the Concerned Artists of the Philippines. She has also been a member of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) and literary editor of the Mirror Weekly. A feminist writer, Ms. Lanot has produced poems and articles that deal with images of women in the home as well as their portrayal on film and television.

For her work as a journalist, essayist and poet, she has garnered several awards like the Catholic Mass Media Award (CMMA), Palanca, Talaang Ginto, and the Gawad Collantes. Her poetry collections include Sheaves of Things Burning (1967),Flowers of the Sun (1970), Passion and Compassion (1988) and Witch’s Dance at Iba Pang Tula sa Filipino at EspaƱol (2000). She also has collections of essays, such as Dream Sketches (1991) and The Trouble with Nick Joaquin and Other Profiles (1999). She was co-writer of the documentaries Katawan Ko’y Akin: From Priestess to President and Warriors for Peace, and wrote other teleplays such as Misis. Also a translator and lecturer, Ms. Lanot is a resident fellow of the U.P. Institute of Creative Writing.

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