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Poetics: Karren Renz Seña

Poetics: Karren Renz Seña

Faith and the Fantastic: The Juxtaposition of the Sacred and the Secular in Philippine Catholic Literature

(What I Write, How, and Why?)


Or not.

I made that up to sound really smart.

There are two sides to my writing that I’m currently known for, that I’m familiar with: the first being the instigator of this small social media movement called Project: Beautiful Words, and the second being a story-teller — a fictionist, if you will — and the author of Champions.

I’d start with Project: Beautiful Words, because that’s what I do almost every day. It was initially a hash tag, one that I used so I could keep track of my posts on Facebook. These posts are random musings about life, faith, love, and all things motivational and inspirational. I started writing them early in 2015 because I wanted to make sense of this mad, mad world. Or my mad, mad life. The very first #projectbeautifulwords I posted was called “Better Days” and it reads like this:

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