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Poetics: Paolo Enrico Melendez

Poetics: Paolo Enrico Melendez



Allow me to start with a shot to the foot: I am a writer in mid-career only in terms of age. Few people know me. When some of those few people invite me to visit UST, as a judge in a writing contest or panelist in a workshop, another guest more often than not will confess that he had to Google me. And the top hits are almost always about the notorious American murderers, Erik and Lyle Menendez.

That’s not surprising, when I think of my mid-career trajectory. As a younger man, I was on track for the whole creative writing gig. Student awards for fiction and non-fiction. Editorial position with the liberal arts college paper. Admin job at the UST writing center. Then a succession of jobs with various music and lifestyle magazines. I even got into a couple of Free Press Awards shortlists.

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